How to have an I.N.T.ens good start today?

Are you waking up enjoying the moment of half-light or are you already creating long lists with To-Do’s being stressed even before your first cup of tea or coffee?
I start my day with a positive intention. Why I.N.T. can help you to start your day with more Joy and Happiness.

Ignite yourself with a positive thought before you are getting out of bed to give the day a wonderful beginning. This will be the first time today your endorphins are rushing through your body.
Nurture yourself and others. Ask yourself these questions: how do you want to feel today? How do you want to be seen today? And how should people feel like being around you?
Take Today. Every day is a new Today. It isn’t yesterday or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Take every new day as a ‘Treat’ in your life journey and be thrilled by what is coming. 
Feel confident, commit to your lovely self and be connected with your inner and outer world!

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