Who is Anja Kruska?


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‘I believe that every female entrepreneur has the Power to create the Business & Life they Love!’

My dream is that many more Female Entrepreneurs dare to be outstanding and prosperous in their Business. To inspire and be a positive example for our future up-coming generation women entrepreneurs!
People have always interested and fascinated me.
My ability to motivate people, to gain their trust and inspire their dreams, to recognize ideas and goals, have brought me early in the direction of coaching and training.
In my work I see it as a special challenge to help you to discover where you want to go with your company and to find the most practical solution to reach it. Your personal situation is always the starting point for me. Together we explore unique creative opportunities for your business. I am very excited and happy if I can inspire you to choose the way which feels best for you so that you can make decisions to accelerate the growth of your business.
My approach is professional, thinking unconventionally with a good dose of humor, and always positive. I believe that you can achieve your dream if you really want it. Regardless of your education, nationality or sector. The foundation lies in your own motivation, talents and skills. You will not be the first one who will be surprised after our conversation to find out that you have more or different dreams and talents than you thought before!


Experience in lettuce and underwear …

Once I started in Germany in horticulture, but moved fairly quickly my focus moved to let people’s talents flourish. In 1989 I coached for the first time a group of small scale entrepreneurs in improving their own vegetable business.
I myself have lived and worked in seven countries in Europe and beyond. In Botswana I have built a training center for young entrepreneurs in horticulture. In Swaziland, I was a manager of a lingerie shop and in the Netherlands working as a Marketing unitmanager for a food wholesaler.
Since 1997 I live and work in Arnhem. In 2007 I became the owner of Nedwerk op weg naar baan of eigen bedrijf (towards job or start your own business). I extended my entrepreneurial experiences three years long as the co-owner of a home care business specialised for people in their own language and culture.
In 2013 Nedwerk has grown and changed into Professional Power, Business Coaching. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs from more than 20 industries, including retail, IT, hospitality, coaching & training, construction, garages, but also fish production on the Cape Verde Islands.
I help you to boost  Your PURPOSE + PROCESS = BUSINESS P.O.W.E.R.


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